Testing Pinterest Video Pins...Oh, They Work!


A few months back, Pinterest rolled out a new feature for video pins. Creators could now pin videos, allowing their audience of pinners to instantly view the video on the Pinterest platform and save to their boards to view later. This is amazing news for food bloggers as it gives their readers (or Pinterest followers) a bit more information about their recipe before clicking over to their website. If the video is done right, the click-through-rate should increase. If done poorly, it could have the adverse effect.

Smalltown Design ran a single video pin test to map the performance of video pins vs. standard pins. At the end of December, 2018 we uploaded a single pin for one of our clients.

As you can see, this video pin was viewed over 270,000 times with nearly 6,000 saves in LESS than one month. In fact, after just two weeks this pin was out-performing all top performing pins from the previous 30 days in reach (in some cases by more than 4x!).

Now, as you know with Pinterest, it typically takes months for pins to gain traction (most often 3-6 months and in some cases, as with seasonal pins, an entire year!).

But numbers are just numbers unless they're actually converting, right? With a quick glimpse at Google Analytics, our suspicions were confirmed. In less than one month of pinning the video recipe, the post traffic conversions had increased 10x’s!

Our ONLY issue with these video pins is that they just didn't have the same "click-worthy" visual appeal as our clients other (non-video) pins. And in a sea of beautiful pins, the square video image seemed to get lost, NOT OK in today's Pinterest age.

But thanks to Adobe Premiere Pro, Smalltown Design has now remedied this issue with a new, longer format and some branded text overlay! Much better, wouldn't you agree?

As Smalltown Design continues to expand our social media strategies, you'd better believe that video is here to stay. In fact, video is still king on most platforms (YouTube, Blog, Facebook, Instagram and now Pinterest!).

So what are you waiting for? We're currently filling our Q2 calendar, but don't wait long, we're filling up QUICK! Are you ready to take your amazing recipes to the next level? Contact us for:

  • Video creation and pricing packages (Blog, Facebook, Pinterest)

  • Pinterest Video Pin Formatting (for existing video)

  • Pinterest Account Overhaul

  • SM Account Curation and Management


Welcome DWTC!


Smalltown Design is excited to welcome new client - Don’t Waste The Crumbs. Tiffany, and DWTC, is in the real-food, natural and non-toxic living niche.

Don’t Waste the Crumbs is an upbeat and encouraging blog dedicated to helping other families eat real food, and live healthier lives, without going broke in the process.”

They have quite a large following on social media including a reach of over 5 million on Pinterest alone! Smalltown Design is working to update their social media strategies, maintain and grow their audience and increase traffic to their website and membership offerings. 


Design to Match


EL Internet Northwest has long combined exceptional customer service with the latest technology products. They have long served the people of Boundary County, Idaho, and now are expanding services to north Bonner County.

Smalltown Design truly enjoyed working with EL to re-brand with updated logos and website.


Designed for Future Growth


After retiring from a career in Law Enforcement, with the call to serve still strong, Larry Briggs founded Backing The Line (BtL), a 501 (c) 3 Chaplaincy. Initially BtL was set up to support the San Diego Harbor Police and other San Diego County Law Enforcement agencies.

While working to develop a logo for BtL, Smalltown Design and Larry considered if BtL might grow to serve other First Responder agencies…With a resounding “yes”, Smalltown Design helped develop a logo that met the initial focus on Law Enforcement, while incorporated options for future growth.

Continuing to serve law Enforcement, BtL also now works with Fire Fighters of San Diego County.

Thanks to initial discussions, dreaming and planning, Smalltown Design was able to create, and recently update, a logo accordingly.

BtL Logo - February 2018: Law Enforcement

BtL Logo - February 2018: Law Enforcement

BtL Logo - October 2018: Updated for Law Enforcement & Fire Fighters

BtL Logo - October 2018: Updated for Law Enforcement & Fire Fighters


New Logo for Be Free


Like many small businesses, Be Free Natural Living was born out of everyday life. Amanda began researching and producing home remedies for her family, then her friends, and now products available to you.

Smalltown Design worked with Amanda to bring her vision for Be Free Natural Living to life in their new logo.

Visit their website.


Proven Social Media Success


In the past six months Smalltown Design has created video content for two online brands - five videos for each. Both brands are in the same digital market segment and have established social media followings (250,000-750,000). The videos for both brands were similar in content, style and length.  

With all of the similarities, these ten videos provided a quantifiable measurement for our work. Not the work of creating the video content, but instead, the success of our Social Media Management strategies.  


With Smalltown Design’s Management:

+ 16,000 Video Views

+ 24,000 Monthly Website Visitors


This was possible because one of the brands also employed Smalltown Design to mange their social media platforms. So two sets of similar videos created by Smalltown Design, one of the sets also promoted by Smalltown Design.  

  • The five videos for the brand that handled their own social media promotion averaged 12K in views.

  • The five videos for the brand that had Smalltown Design manage the social media promotion are currently averaging 28K views.

We note “currently” as the five higher rated videos are all newer, some published in the last two weeks, and still seeing daily jumps in the number of views.


Other Management:

Video View average: 12,000

Monthly Website Traffic from Pinterest: 22,000

Smalltown Design Management:

Video View average: 28,000

Monthly Website Traffic from Pinterest: 46,000


Additionally, some of the higher viewed videos were created specifically for the coming Fall/Winter/Holiday season, so the promotional strategies are still in the early stages. We fully expect views for these videos to continue to grow exponentially.

An additional factor to consider is the audience size of both brands.

The brand with the lower view numbers has an audience 3x’s LARGER than the brand seeing the higher returns with our management.  

By allowing Smalltown Design to apply social media strategies to the video content that we created, the smaller brand has seen more than double the view numbers…in less time, with more potential for growth.  


Additionally, in the first three months that we have managed social media for the one brand, applying our strategies, has seen their Pinterest traffic grow from 22K referrals (clicks over to their website) per month in 2017, to over 46K referrals per month 2018 (July - September: Google Analytics).


That’s an increase of 24,000 website visits per month Just from Pinterest


Yes, we are fans of Mark Twain: “There are three kinds of lies; lies, damned lies and statistics.” So numbers can be what you make them.

What we can observe is that the brand employing Smalltown Design to manage their Social Media accounts, even at 1/3 the audience, has seen more than twice the views on their (younger) videos and has increased monthly website visitors by 24K from the previous year, from Pinterest alone.

Interested in Smalltown Design managing your company’s Social Media accounts? We are currently interviewing for two additional clients.

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Website/Social Media Account

Looks As Good As It Tastes


A nice perk to creating content videos for our foodie clients is that we get to eat the leftovers! I have personally never been a big Lamb fan…but am counting the days until we make this recipe again!

Video and Photography created by Smalltown Design for Traditional Cooking School.


Presenting a Professional Impression


Smalltown Design recently produced brochures for North Idaho Collision Repair Center. NICRC tagline is "Where Quality Matters" - these brochures communicate that commitment. 

Inside Panels

Inside Panels

Front, Back and Inset Panels.

Front, Back and Inset Panels.


Hands and Pans Videos for Wellness Mama


After two years of producing and curating our own content for Full of Days, businesses began noticing our work. As a result, since 2017 Smalltown Design and Full of Days have added Content Creation and Curation, Video Production and Social Media Management and Growth Strategy to our list of services. 

We have produced paid content for brands such as Wellness MamaMother Earth News, PaleoValley, Don't Waste The Crumbs, Attainable Sustainable, Delicious Obsessions, and The Rising Spoon. 

We have also added an ongoing content creation and management project with Traditional Cooking School.   

A few of the Videos produced for Wellness Mama:


Long Time Inspiration...Now a New International Client!


Smalltown Design, LLC. has added a new client! We're excited to be partnering with Traditional Cooking School. This new, ongoing relationship, includes managing TCS's social media presence, applying growth strategies to those platforms, and creating unique video content for their website and social platforms (Tasty Style Recipe Videos).

With a combined social following of over 250K, Traditional Cooking School has been an established online presence for over 9 years. Smalltown Design is excited to begin managing this online audience while working to grow the community and to boast engagement among the followers.

This may seem new to the usual graphic/web design projects that Smalltown has become known for, however, over the past year, we have added Content Creation, Curation, and Management to our list of services. Kelsey has been training on social media strategies through courses from Food Blogger Pro, Moolah and Blog Clarity. Because the social world is ever changing, it’s important to us that we stay trained on current trends and best practices. This ensures we know the best strategies for optimizing these social platforms to build community, engagement and achieve growth.

TCS has been a huge resource to our personal traditional living journey and where we’ve gleaned much inspiration for our family. So this ongoing work with TCS is truly special for Smalltown design and the Steffens!   

More information about Smalltown Design's Content Creation, Curation and Management? 


Adapting to the Marketplace


The Wise Guide began as a resource for those adjusting to retirement and advanced stages of life. The free magazine then responded to reader requests and began to include resources for the adult children helping their parents navigate those same new stages in life.

The Wise Guide is once again responding to reader requests by adding resources for everyone seeking to live an healthy and informed life.

Smalltown Design has counted The Wise Guide as a client, partner and friend through all of theses growth stages. As part of the most recent adaptation, Smalltown Design is helping the Wise Guide begin to offer digital delivery options for their readers. 

Beginning with print ads in their publications, and continuing with email subscription, email newsletter options, and social media channels, the Wise Guide is once again meeting their readers where they are!     

The Wise Guide - Print Ad

The Wise Guide - Print Ad