Non-Profit Giving Platform

If you are a church, missionary, or other non-profit organization and are looking to add a digital giving platform take a look @ Mogiv. I have set up Mogiv for clients and it is simple for admins and givers alike, includes social media options, and offers very competitive set up costs and flat transaction fees. Online Giving...check...Mobile Giving...check...Text Giving, Recurring Giving, Gift Receipts, "Like" and "Follow" Campaigns, Real Time Account Reporting...Check! 

Kent, and the rest of the staff at Mogiv offer exceptional support and truly care about the success of the product for your organization. 

Oh! And simple to add to your website! 1 line of code! Check out a recent embedded install to Smalltown client Follow & Fish or a multi-campaign option like the one for Casa Blanca Retreat Center