Proven Social Media Success


In the past six months Smalltown Design has created video content for two online brands - five videos for each. Both brands are in the same digital market segment and have established social media followings (250,000-750,000). The videos for both brands were similar in content, style and length.  

With all of the similarities, these ten videos provided a quantifiable measurement for our work. Not the work of creating the video content, but instead, the success of our Social Media Management strategies.  


With Smalltown Design’s Management:

+ 16,000 Video Views

+ 24,000 Monthly Website Visitors


This was possible because one of the brands also employed Smalltown Design to mange their social media platforms. So two sets of similar videos created by Smalltown Design, one of the sets also promoted by Smalltown Design.  

  • The five videos for the brand that handled their own social media promotion averaged 12K in views.

  • The five videos for the brand that had Smalltown Design manage the social media promotion are currently averaging 28K views.

We note “currently” as the five higher rated videos are all newer, some published in the last two weeks, and still seeing daily jumps in the number of views.


Other Management:

Video View average: 12,000

Monthly Website Traffic from Pinterest: 22,000

Smalltown Design Management:

Video View average: 28,000

Monthly Website Traffic from Pinterest: 46,000


Additionally, some of the higher viewed videos were created specifically for the coming Fall/Winter/Holiday season, so the promotional strategies are still in the early stages. We fully expect views for these videos to continue to grow exponentially.

An additional factor to consider is the audience size of both brands.

The brand with the lower view numbers has an audience 3x’s LARGER than the brand seeing the higher returns with our management.  

By allowing Smalltown Design to apply social media strategies to the video content that we created, the smaller brand has seen more than double the view numbers…in less time, with more potential for growth.  


Additionally, in the first three months that we have managed social media for the one brand, applying our strategies, has seen their Pinterest traffic grow from 22K referrals (clicks over to their website) per month in 2017, to over 46K referrals per month 2018 (July - September: Google Analytics).


That’s an increase of 24,000 website visits per month Just from Pinterest


Yes, we are fans of Mark Twain: “There are three kinds of lies; lies, damned lies and statistics.” So numbers can be what you make them.

What we can observe is that the brand employing Smalltown Design to manage their Social Media accounts, even at 1/3 the audience, has seen more than twice the views on their (younger) videos and has increased monthly website visitors by 24K from the previous year, from Pinterest alone.

Interested in Smalltown Design managing your company’s Social Media accounts? We are currently interviewing for two additional clients.

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