Testing Pinterest Video Pins...Oh, They Work!


A few months back, Pinterest rolled out a new feature for video pins. Creators could now pin videos, allowing their audience of pinners to instantly view the video on the Pinterest platform and save to their boards to view later. This is amazing news for food bloggers as it gives their readers (or Pinterest followers) a bit more information about their recipe before clicking over to their website. If the video is done right, the click-through-rate should increase. If done poorly, it could have the adverse effect.

Smalltown Design ran a single video pin test to map the performance of video pins vs. standard pins. At the end of December, 2018 we uploaded a single pin for one of our clients.

As you can see, this video pin was viewed over 270,000 times with nearly 6,000 saves in LESS than one month. In fact, after just two weeks this pin was out-performing all top performing pins from the previous 30 days in reach (in some cases by more than 4x!).

Now, as you know with Pinterest, it typically takes months for pins to gain traction (most often 3-6 months and in some cases, as with seasonal pins, an entire year!).

But numbers are just numbers unless they're actually converting, right? With a quick glimpse at Google Analytics, our suspicions were confirmed. In less than one month of pinning the video recipe, the post traffic conversions had increased 10x’s!

Our ONLY issue with these video pins is that they just didn't have the same "click-worthy" visual appeal as our clients other (non-video) pins. And in a sea of beautiful pins, the square video image seemed to get lost, NOT OK in today's Pinterest age.

But thanks to Adobe Premiere Pro, Smalltown Design has now remedied this issue with a new, longer format and some branded text overlay! Much better, wouldn't you agree?

As Smalltown Design continues to expand our social media strategies, you'd better believe that video is here to stay. In fact, video is still king on most platforms (YouTube, Blog, Facebook, Instagram and now Pinterest!).

So what are you waiting for? We're currently filling our Q2 calendar, but don't wait long, we're filling up QUICK! Are you ready to take your amazing recipes to the next level? Contact us for:

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