New Feature...and Viral Chickpeas


Smalltown Design includes the lifestyle blog: Full of Days @ First and foremost Full of Days, and related Social Media channels, are a creative outlet for us. We also use the platform to test products, that when developed, may be offered to Smalltown Design partners.  

Two recent examples:

1. Facebook Cover Videos - Earlier this year Facebook introduced Cover Videos. This had many professional Facebook users excited at the possibility of bringing popular website Header Videos from the website word into the Social Media sphere. Unfortunately, Facebook's feature release was a bit early and over the first half of 2017 they rolled back, rolled out, and rolled back this feature multiple times. They eventually ironed the bugs out and Facebook Cover Videos are now functional. We are currently testing out cover videos on our Full of Days Facebook Page.

 2. "Tasty Style" videos - We are producing simple, under 2-minute "Tasty Videos" for Facebook. Some refer to this video style as "Hands & Pans". The goal for these videos is to funnel Facebook traffic to a page, then convert the traffic to specific and measurable results. In the case of Full of Days the conversions are measured by:

  • Facebook
    • Video Views & Reach
    • Page views, Likes and Follows
  • Website
    • Page Visits
    • Page Views
    • Email Subscriber Sign Ups

By all measures, this video was a great success. It went viral, with more than 50,000 views in 24 hours (Total views as of this post: 76,500), and conversions were strong across all categories. 

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