Casa Esperanzo

La Familia: Breakfast with Casa Blanca

Recently had the wonderful opportunity to have Heidi VanDyken, great friend and missionary in Ensenada, MX, over to our house for breakfast. Heidi and her husband Mike, run Casa Blanca Retreat Center located on the south side of Ensenada. Before heading to Mexico, Mike & Heidi were instrumental in our family’s early education on living in North Idaho. Falling trees, snow blowing, the right winter tires…just a few of the pearls the VanDyken’s shared with us!

Also sharing breakfast with us was Gabby Alonso – missionary at Casa Esperanzo, a women’s shelter near Casa Blanca. New friends and old, crepes with strawberries, and so many great stories! Now that’s how you start a day!

If you are ever headed south and need a place to stay, or your family or church group is looking for a place to stay and serve the local community, make sure to connect with Mike & Heidi and Casa Blanca – and make sure to check in on “Gabba” as well.

Here is a video introduction to Casa Blanca – video captured by Karen Perkins and produced by Dillon Dietz and the Mountain Springs Church Media Team.

Casa Blanca Fitted Women's Tee

Casa Blanca Fitted Women's Tee