Color Palettes

Color...No it's Kuler

Standing in front of the color wall at Home Depot trying to find that 3rd accent color to paint your living room trim? Need a 5 color palette right now for a dead-lined design project? Maybe you are just curious as to what Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complimentary, Compound, or Shade colors match perfectly with your favorite color? ( I had to look up the definition of "Analogous" =P)

Adobe's free Kuler website (apps available also) is a great resource...and a great toy to just explore color! 

Click on the Explore link and view the "most popular palettes", "most used", or search by your personal color choice. You pros can search by CMYK or RGB values or be a kid again and search for colors with names like "crayon blue".

In case your are curious my favorite color is Hook 'Em burnt orange!

Thanks to Lance Abyeta for tuning me into Kuler! 

- Jason