Dawson Ridge Beetleworxs

Hydrographics...Heard of it?

Smalltown Design welcomes new client Shawn and Casey Frederickson, owners & operators of Dawson Ridge Beetleworx's and Hydrographics.

Beetleworx? Dawson Ridge uses a special species of beetle to clean prize game skulls for display...yep...flesh eating beetles! This is part of a whitening process that preps the skulls for beautiful display. Dawson Ridge specializes in European Mounts. 

Hydrographics? Now this is something you have to check out! Hydrographics takes graphic patterns and adhere's them to just about anything through a water dipping process. Guns, animal skulls, hard hats, truck rims, motorcycle fuel tanks, furniture, that kitchen blender that no longer matches the decor

...if it can be painted and fit in their tank they can transform it! 

Watch for their website launch in the next week. It will include a huge gallery of their work and graphic pattern choices. Really gets your imagination going! 

- Jason