Idaho 2014 Elections


This is truly a first. Never have I been able to say that a candidate for a political office truly represented me as a constituent. Now, don't misread that...not reflected as in agreement in every facet...represented as in I know who the public servant is as a person, and they know me as such.

Four years ago when we purchased our home in Bonners Ferry we needed some electrical work done. We realized that we needed professional help after I cut into a live 220 line (sparks, a cloud of smoke, smell of burning chest hair, a singed pair of wire cutters and a understandably frightened wife).  

As an electrician, Sage Dixon's reputation for quality of work, commitment, and communication preceded him and he proved those qualities in person. 

Over the years our relationship has developed from contractor, to client (of Smalltown Design), to friend.  

In a political arena some may say that because Sage is a friend and a client that my opinion of him would be biased...common sense says, it means I know him.

Sage is the Republican candidate for the Idaho House, District 1-B (covers most of Boundary and Bonner counties). This week Sage and his wife Veronica have a booth at the Bonner County Fair, stop by and get to know them first hand.

In November of this year, in the General Election, consider voting for Sage.

Personally, as a man of faith, a husband, a father, an employee, a business owner, living in North Idaho, I will be voting for Sage. Because Sage personally understands, and will represent me in every one of those roles. 


4x9 Rack Card - Front - Smalltown Design

4x9 Rack Card - Back - Smalltown Design

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