Junior Class

Best Seat In The House

The Junior Class Parents (Bonners Ferry High School) wants you to have "The Best Seat in the House"! In an effort to raise funds for the Junior Class, parents will have a couch at the football games this season and raffle off tickets for "The Best Seat in the House". At each game a winner will be selected and gets to pick 2 other people to sit with them on the couch, in the middle of the stands, get a free dinner/drinks and 2 high school attendants to run and get them whatever they want.

For this fundraiser a brand new couch was donated by Becks Furniture and Smalltown Design created a banner for promotion.  

Get comfy and enjoy the game! 

Coming soon to BFHS volleyball and basketball games! 


8' x 2' Banner


The parents smartly ordered the banner minus the "Class of 2016" - this will allow future Junior Classes to use the same banner in the years to come.