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This is truly a first. Never have I been able to say that a candidate for a political office truly represented me as a constituent. Now, don't misread that...not reflected as in agreement in every facet...represented as in I know who the public servant is as a person, and they know me as such.

Four years ago when we purchased our home in Bonners Ferry we needed some electrical work done. We realized that we needed professional help after I cut into a live 220 line (sparks, a cloud of smoke, smell of burning chest hair, a singed pair of wire cutters and a understandably frightened wife).  

As an electrician, Sage Dixon's reputation for quality of work, commitment, and communication preceded him and he proved those qualities in person. 

Over the years our relationship has developed from contractor, to client (of Smalltown Design), to friend.  

In a political arena some may say that because Sage is a friend and a client that my opinion of him would be biased...common sense says, it means I know him.

Sage is the Republican candidate for the Idaho House, District 1-B (covers most of Boundary and Bonner counties). This week Sage and his wife Veronica have a booth at the Bonner County Fair, stop by and get to know them first hand.

In November of this year, in the General Election, consider voting for Sage.

Personally, as a man of faith, a husband, a father, an employee, a business owner, living in North Idaho, I will be voting for Sage. Because Sage personally understands, and will represent me in every one of those roles. 


4x9 Rack Card - Front - Smalltown Design

4x9 Rack Card - Back - Smalltown Design

Campaign Sticker - Smalltown Design

Real Deal

Friend and client, Wade Brooks, is donating a 1st print of his image "Two Amigos" to a charity rodeo event in Grandview, WA. The event, Makin' 8 for Prostrate, is a fundraiser for cancer research. 3W Bucking Bulls is supplying the bulls, so if you are in the neighborhood stop by the Grandview Fairgrounds, September 13th @ 7PM and bid on Wade's print! 

Wade, always looking to be professional, wanted a Certificate of Authenticity for the art piece. So Smalltown made up a simple certificate to be signed and notarized, adding value to the auction item and hopefully raising more money for the cause.

Check out more of Wade's work at

- Jason  

Small Town Family Fun!

Kyle Watt's and the crew from Woody's Gun & Pawn are sponsoring the Smash & Bash 2014 Demolition Derby. Smalltown was privileged to create Woody's logo earlier this year so we threw together a poster/FB page for this event.

Woody's brings a family environment to their business and will look to do the same for this "fun for the family" event.   

Saturday - September 6th
Boundary County Fairgrounds
Bonners Ferry, ID

Follow their Facebook page for more details as they become available and help promote the event! 

- Jason

Non-Profit Giving Platform

If you are a church, missionary, or other non-profit organization and are looking to add a digital giving platform take a look @ Mogiv. I have set up Mogiv for clients and it is simple for admins and givers alike, includes social media options, and offers very competitive set up costs and flat transaction fees. Online Giving...check...Mobile Giving...check...Text Giving, Recurring Giving, Gift Receipts, "Like" and "Follow" Campaigns, Real Time Account Reporting...Check! 

Kent, and the rest of the staff at Mogiv offer exceptional support and truly care about the success of the product for your organization. 

Oh! And simple to add to your website! 1 line of code! Check out a recent embedded install to Smalltown client Follow & Fish or a multi-campaign option like the one for Casa Blanca Retreat Center


Multi-Media Business Card

Took more than a year to identify a cost-effective option for a new spin on business cards - finally found it! Flashbay is a great option for customized business card flash drives. Pricing for limited runs, with custom full color designs (no set up fees and they COLOR MATCH!) is on par with what overseas venders are charging for large quantity runs. 

Specifically, the Wafer/Alloy product makes for a striking business card - full color/2 sided logo on a 2GB flash drive that can hold all of your company information (product catalogs/manuals/images/contact info). These cards do not replace the traditional business cards that you hand out by the hundreds, but are an impressive option for specific potential clients and presentations. 

They are also an option for churches wanting to distribute sermon series (examples above from Mountain Springs Church, Bonners Ferry, Idaho). Faster production, less-expensive, and more content options than CD sets. 

Interested? Contact Smalltown Designs!

- Jason

WWW Launch for Country Home Restoration

Recently launched the website for Country Home Restoration. It was nice to to use an Index style format to make the most of Responsive Design - making the site look great on monitors, tablets, smart phones, and even smart TV's.

Check out the site and contact Devon and the crew at Country Home Restoration for work on your existing log home...or have them build you that dream home!


- Jason

Opportunity to Pitch In I have no idea if they use pitch on roofs in Ensenada, MX...come to think of it I have no idea what pitch actually is and what it is used for...other than a bad pun! 

Smalltown friends Mike & Heidi VanDyken, of Casa Blanca Retreat Center (Ensenada, MX), have a building project coming up and are looking for some help. 

If you are looking for a something more valuable than a simple vacation; a time away that includes helping others and leaving a lasting presence, not to mention developing lasting relationships, check out the project Casa Blanca has slated for September, 2014.  

Project Details - 3 Ways to Get Involved

Casa Blanca hosts groups doing missionary work in the Ensenada/La Bufadora area of Mexico. They also are personally involved weekly serving at local orphanages and women's shelters. They are also really great people.

- Jason