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From Plain Site to a Market Concept


Dodge Peak Lodge is located in Boundary County, North Idaho. Jennifer, owner/operated of Dodge Peak Lodge, wanted to update their existing website from basic functionality to one of form - showcasing a destination concept.

"Instead of just a place to stay, while passing through, come experience all the beauty that the county has to offer. Outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, bird watchers, climbers and nature photographers, Dodge Peak can be your base camp."

With this idea in mind, Smalltown Design created a site to match!    

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Home Page

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WWW Launch for Country Home Restoration

Recently launched the website for Country Home Restoration. It was nice to to use an Index style format to make the most of Responsive Design - making the site look great on monitors, tablets, smart phones, and even smart TV's.

Check out the site and contact Devon and the crew at Country Home Restoration for work on your existing log home...or have them build you that dream home!


- Jason