Content Creation/Curation and More!


After two years of producing and curating our own content for Full of Days, businesses began noticing our work. As a result, since 2017 Smalltown Design and Full of Days have added Content Creation and Curation. Video Production and Social Media Management and Growth Strategy to our list of services. 






Social Media Scheduling/Growth Strategies/Content Creation and Curation 


Smalltown Design has partnered with Traditional Cooking School to manage all of their Social Media channels. This includes implementing growth strategies, post scheduling, content creation and curation - including video production. As TCS has been one of our inspirations for many years, we are excited to develop this project with Wardee Harmon and the TCS Team. 

200+K Views with Social Media Promo by Smalltown Design


Smalltown Design is excited to welcome new client - Don’t Waste The Crumbs. Tiffany, and DWTC, is in the real-food, natural and non-toxic living niche.

They have a large following on social media including a reach of over 5 million on Pinterest alone! Smalltown Design is working to update their social media strategies, maintain and grow their audience and increase traffic to their website and membership offerings. 


Content Creation and Strategies We offer:


Paid Content

We have produced paid content for brands such as Wellness MamaMother Earth News, PaleoValley, Don't Waste The Crumbs, Attainable Sustainable, Delicious Obsessions, and The Rising Spoon. 


Sponsored Content 

We have created sponsored content for Mockmill, Mahatma Rice and Mighty Nest - includes blog posts/video/photography/social media. As well as content for a number of affiliates. 

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