Born under the Lone Star, colored island style, and now live and love the Smalltown life.

There is a quote about being born in Texas: “There’s a vastness here and I believe that the people who are born here breathe that vastness into their soul. They dream big dreams and think big thoughts, because there is nothing to hem them in.” To further romanticize it, others will tell you that no matter where life takes you, “once a Texan, always a Texan”. Big dreams and a confidence…born in Texas.

To be raised in Hawaii is to be raised in color. On the windward side of Oahu there is a bay you pass on the way from country to town. Growing up I remember my mom always referred to it as “the bay of a thousand colors”. The color palette begins with clean white from crashing waves and extends through the deep blue off shore depths, the space between filled with a thousand shades of white/tan/green/blue. And that is only 180 degrees of color. Spin around and you are blinded by the green of the mountain landscape; red, orange and purple accents from bougainvillea and black volcanic rock that qualifies as spot color…colors that shape your imagination forever.

Living the Smalltown life. Now, shades of sandy beaches have been replaced by North Idaho ripening wheat fields, the green of Hau trees for Tamarac’s, the aroma of Plumeria by Lilac, ocean shore lines by mountain ridges. I have come home to the familiar Smalltown life I was raised in. First names…it’s a Smalltown thing. A world where work is not about the 9-5's about putting in a full day, everyday. Need directions somewhere? You’ll learn more about what you will see along the way, and who you will meet, then just how to reach your destination.

Smalltown Design combines all of this history. Big thoughts, colors and images that stay with you, a way of doing business that starts with first names, and continues in a manner that lets you look people in the eye and share life together.

Smalltown is my passion and I pray that your business is your passion. How can Smalltown partner with you to help you realize that passion? Let's visit a bit and come up with a few ideas…

"A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul..." A Proverb of Solomon, The Bible