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Smalltown Design has recently partnered with a client that is near and dear to! 

In 2013 my wife, Kelsey, and I began to discuss a project that would bring together our collective abilities, allow us to work together, and in many ways be a reflection of our every day lives. In late November, 2015 we launched the website for Full of Days.   

Full of Days currently serves as a creative outlet for us: writing, design, apparel, growing a blog and provides a canvas for us to audition ideas that we can then apply to other Smalltown Design clients. How does the saying go? Find a way to earn a living doing what you love and you will never work a day in your life...We love this project! 

Full of Days - Home Page

Full of Days - Home Page


The Wise Guide is an established print publication, serving as a Health and Wellness Resource for North Idaho. If you have picked up a previous edition of The Wise Gide then you have seen an informative and well designed magazine. Smalltown Design's challenge was to design a website that matched the quality, and maintained the warm and welcoming feel, of the print version. While also incorporating a more modern feel for internet visitors and offering social media options. We are ecstatic with the results!


Mountain Springs Church - Sandpoint is a non-denominational church located in Sandpoint, Idaho. Sandpoint is an active outdoor city and MSC Sandpoint is a growing part of the community.  


Dodge Peak Lodge is located in Boundary County, North Idaho. Jennifer, owner/operated of Dodge Peak Lodge, wanted to update their existing website from basic functionality to one of form - showcasing a destination concept.


Just read the client reviews for Mike Cox Computers...tells you all that you need to know. Mike Cox Computers is your solution for business and personal technical support. 


Casa Blanca is a beautiful retreat center and outreach ministry located in Ensenada, MX. With a view like this the images demand such a dramatic website. Headed south? Contact Mike & Heidi for a stay!


Apple Creek Propagators has been in the Wholesale Nursery business since the 1980's. They have an established clientele and were looking for an updated logo and website. Smalltown Design took their history, story and way of doing business, into account and created both for them (website). It was a pleasure working with John and Loren and to develop this project!